The optimistic search for yacon syrup extract and its related-alleged wide-spectrum health benefits is at an all-time high and comes down to the same question, “Can yacon syrup be the magic bullet for weight loss”.

Before you go running for the back button and on to the next bit of watered down information, just note that our Free Yacon Syrup Health Guide Report to the right is meant to help you make an educated, informed decision on which is the right choice to make regarding weight loss supplements and dietary truths.

health informationWhile the road to fame has been intensely accelerated due to national exposure and positively reported case studies regarding Yacon’s weight loss quality attributes, one cannot help but hesitate on yet another miracle claim without proper aim.

Allow me to explain for a second before we intimately dive deep into yacon’s history and its apparently strong capability as a substitute for an all-natural sweetening-agent.

Good health, which is ultimately why you are here no matter who you are – is what you are after, searching for, and asking to get/be/have/do – and that is a cause worth-while.

Without a word or mention of yacon syrup and its exotic extract, there are 3 things you must adhere to in order to obtain and optimize your body for peak performance and life-long longevity.

1) Hydration (drink quality water, juicing, eat foods with high water content)
2) Happy Movement (joint mobilization, stretching for flexibility, being productive)
3) Harmonious Foods (consuming fresh whole foods for majority of your dietary habits)

In following these 3 easy to implement principles and concepts, you will experience much less stress, strain, and pain in your body and life.

yacon health guideGaining good health is all about replacing the bad with the good, slowly or quickly, whatever works best for you and your personality. A tip worth mentioning is to not create a hateful resistance when changing the foods you intake which will cause in short-term burn out or extremist actions which may only provide temporary belief.

That’s why I prescribe and ask you to subscribe to eating whole foods 8 out of 10 times, moving the body and stretching all of its parts out equally and symmetrically.

The key to fast weight loss is to focus on optimization of the body where the liquids are pure, the foods are clean and the air is pristine and light.

We could address and prioritize much more here, but let’s elaborate on the controversial topic on all our minds: yacon syrup for weight loss.

Yacon Syrup Health Benefits


Many studies have shown that Yacon Syrup Extract is helping overweight individuals lose weight by giving a boost to their metabolism.

Here at we will do our best to give you the full insights on how this new supplement called Yacon Syrup will help you boost your metabolism and lose weight naturally.

Yacon Syrup Studies

Like always, a famous TV Host / Doctor decided to introduce us a new weight loss product that is 100% natural and effective. This Metabolism Game Changer known to shed pounds without dieting is called Yacon Syrup. According to the host, the Yacon Syrup will manage to help us lose weight where other supplements didn’t make it.

What is Yacon Syrup?

Being made from roots of the Yacon Plant in the Andes Mountains, Yacon has been used for long periods of time. It dates back to the Incas. Extracts of this plant are very low in sugar. They also contain low number of calories. Peruans and Brazilians have used the roots of Yacon to treat Diabetes and some digestive disorders.

Being made just like Molasses, Yacon Syrup gets heated and evaporated until it forms thick and condensed syrup. The final product is sweet without being high in sugar. It is great to enjoy something sweet without increasing the blood sugar levels. A few studies have been conducted in order to discover this product’s efficiency.

The TV Host / Doctor himself performed a study, yet there are many other studies that have been performed.

Yacon Syrup Research

The studies on Yacon are available and encouraging, yet limited. Susana Genta and other scientists took Yacon extract and asked a group of overweight women to test it. The results were astonishing: they lost an average of 33 pound (the equivalent of 16 kg) in only four months.

This means they lost around two pounds a week. The bad cholesterol levels (LDL) dropped significantly, as well. These results and weight changes were pretty impressive.

Yacon Syrup Side Effects

The study didn’t reveal one negative effect. Yacon Syrup Extract is very high in soluble fiber. Just like oats and beans, one would have expected some gas as side effect. The girls didn’t experience any of that. Given the fact that they were administered 10 mg dosage, those using higher doses experienced cramps and nausea.

Some got relieved from constipation when using Yacon. Other digestive side effects weren’t reported. The limitation of all this is that not too many studies have been conducted. PubMed researchers revealed only three human studies. Since no other studies are available, there is no wonder some doubt the experience. Animal experiments seem to not do the deal.

Should You Use Yacon Syrup Or Extracts

Considering personal experiences, the product appears to be safe. It seems to be highly effective against weight gain and bad cholesterol. As said before, people should not abuse using it as increased levels lead to cramps and diarrhea. Also, one must understand the Yacon roots are the ones from which extracts are being taken. The leaves are considered to be toxic. If you are not a fan of Yacon, think about using garlic, bananas, onions chicory and asparagus.

It’s interesting how the rate of weight loss in Yacon experiments is similar to the one of calorie-restricted diets. The only difference is that Yacon doesn’t require going hungry and the obsession of calorie counting. Having a product that makes you lose weight without even trying is one of the greatest weight loss benefits of modern, natural medicine.

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Yacon Syrup Extract Weight Loss

Have you been trying to lose weight, but can't seem to shed off extra weight? Well there is a new weight loss supplement that has been studied over the past year that is helping people lose weight without them having to change their diet or even exercise. This new supplement is called Yacon Syrup Extract.

Studies have shown that even without the help of exercise, Yacon Syrup Extract has help individuals lose weight quickly by boosting their metabolism.

If you think Yacon Syrup Extract is a supplement for you, please check out the full review.

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